About Nickel Days

Nickel Days Corporation has been producing the annual Nickel Days event for over 40 years. The goal is to provide family entertainment through midway rides, games, entertainment and organized sporting and recreational events. The weekend also provides a great oppotunity for organizations to host their major events, such as the National King Miner Contest and annual baseball tournaments.

President            Wendell Fitzpatrick
Vice President Vacant
Treasurer Mike Krentz
Secretary Tamy Burton


Board Members:
  Lona Barnowich
  Dallas Bray
  Graham Brown
  Darwin Graham
  Travis Graham
  Jim Howitt
  Conrad Hykway
  Charlene Kissick
  John Maskerine
  Melissa Meston
  Joe Roque
  Mick Slack
  Torrence Sukhbir
  Jennifer Thackeray
 Ex-Officio Jim English
 Social Media & Lil' Nick Contest Volunteer    Melanie Graham

Thank You

Nickel Days has had many volunteers over the years.  We would like to thank all of them for the time and dedication they put into this community event.  Events such as Nickel Days, could not and would not happen without volunteers and community members who care....so, on behalf of Nickel Days.....Thank you!



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