Thompson Area Info / Frequently Asked Questions

People visiting Thompson and Nickel Days often have questions not only about the festival, but also about the community and surrounding areas. We suggest you visit a useful link at the City of Thompson's webpage ( for most of your answers.

How long does it take to drive to Thompson?
 If you are driving from Winnipeg, it takes approximately seven hours. You can leave the south in the morning and be here late in the afternoon.

How long are the days in Thompson in the summer months?
 We have some of the longest days going in a populated area of Manitoba. It doesn't get dark until almost 11pm for parts of the summer. This makes for lots of daylight hours to enjoy Nickel Days and explore the local area.

How do I find out about setting up a booth at Nickel Days if I want to sell something?
 All you have to do is contact our booth Chairperson. This year it's Graham Brown (204) 778-5438.

Besides Nickel Days, what else can I do while I am visiting?
 Visit some of our sites to see what you can do:

Visit the City of Thompson's website to review any upcoming attractions and information about the City.

Spirit Way is a 2.5 km walking and biking pathway from the Heritage North Museum to the Miles Hart Bridge. Spirit Way has won 4 awards and has been designated a Manitoba Star Attraction and one of the Top 20 Places to Visit in Manitoba!

A database for all things tourism in northern Manitoba, be sure to visit it and request a tourism guide!

Thompson Golf Course

The course is renowned for its excellent condition and it's greens are among the best in the province. Carved out of the rugged northern terrain, the course continues to improve each year.  Contact the Thompson Golf Club Pro Shop at (204) - 677-5537 to book a tee off time or for additional information.


What if I had a breakdown on the road?
 Generally speaking, there is traffic on the road at all times. If you had a vehicle problem, you can be assured that someone will stop to help. This is just part of the northern tradition of people helping people. We are generally a pretty friendly lot.  There is cellular service almost the entire way.

What about hotel accommodations?
 Thompson has many fine hotels. Rooms are at premium however, during Nickel Days so we recommend you book early. Here is a listing of all hotels, inns, guesthouses and campsites.


  • Best Western Hotel
  • Burntwood Hotel
  • Days Inn & Suites
  • Lakeview Hotel
  • Meridian Hotel
  • Mystery Lake Hotel
  • Paint Lake Marina (Cabin's)
  • Quality Inn
  • Sasagiu Rapids Lodge


McCreedy Campground (5 minutes north of Thompson)

Sasagui Rapids (40 minutes south of Thompson)
 Paint Lake Provincial Park (20 minutes south of Thompson)

What's the weather like in Thompson in June?
 It's usually great. It is likely to be short-sleeve weather, but it is not impossible to cool down at times and be a bit chilly. In other words, bring a sweater or jacket just in case.

Are there very many restaurants?
 There are many fine restaurants in Thompson to suit all tastes, including;

  • A&W
  • Baaco Pizza
  • Boston Pizza
  • Burntwood Hotel
  • Butter Chicken Express
  • Chicken Chef
  • Chillax World's Tastiest Food
  • Domino's Pizza
  • KFC
  • Lone Wolf Cafe 
  • McDonald's
  • Mystery Lake Motor Hotel
  • Northern Inn
  • Pizza Hut
  • Popeye's
  • Pub 55
  • Quizno's
  • Riverview
  • Robins Donuts & Deli
  • Santa Maria Pizza  (Tweeted by Theo Fleury March 7 2015: 'Went to the best little pizza joint in the       north.  Santa Maria Pizza in Thompson Manitoba.  Thanks for an awesome pizza!!!!)
  • Sasagui Rapids (Thai and Canadian cuisine 40 minutes south)
  • Subway         
  • Hub of the North
  • Tom's Pizza (Take Out)
  • Wong's Chinese Buffet
  • Wonton Place (Take Out)